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Downings St. Patricks Day 10

Upcoming Events

Live Music Every Thursday

Thurs. March 7th

Whitey O’Day Live at Downings!

Whitey O’Day has been singing and playing guitar since 1961, with the last 29 years full time. He plays in a variety of clubs, pubs and restaurants, and also finds time to do private parties, special events, festivals, and other fun ventures. With acoustic guitar as a prop, he performs folk country, ethnic songs, 50s & 60s, sing-a-longs, and old standards in a fun atmosphere. Variety keeps the fun in his shows, and he tries to display this at each performance.


Thurs. March 21st

Colin Halliday.

Colin Halliday of Two Easy and Even Five is proud to bring his solo acoustic show to Downings this Thursday. More than just a one-man version of his bands, Colin brings the acoustic treatment to a wide range of songs, some classic, some current and even an original or two. Come along this Thursday and enjoy the show ..


Thurs. March 28th

The Paul and Dave Project.

An acoustic duo formed by longtime jamming partners Paul Compton and Dave Smolarek.
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Downings Tavern Menu

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Downings Tavern Menu


Buffalo Chicken Sliders- (3) Pulled buffalo chicken, celery, buttermilk blue cheese


*Loaded Sirloin Sliders- (3) Cheddar, bacon, caramelized onion


Chicken Wings or Tenders- Plain, Buffalo, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Parmesan Garlic, Sriracha Peach, Teriyaki


extra sauce: $.50

Deep Fried PBJ- Creamy peanut butter, strawberry jelly, powdered sugar


Onion Rings, Fries or Tots Basket


Fried Pickles


Fried Green Beans


Downing’s Nachos- Tater tots, cheese, bacon, sour cream, scallions

Full- $8.50 or Half- $6.00

Mozzarella Sticks


Fried Mac and Cheese


Pretzel Bites- Mini soft pretzels with beer cheese sauce


*Giant Combo- (2) Sirloin Sliders, Pretzel Bites, Green Beans, Wings




The Wedge- Iceberg, bacon, crispy shallots, egg, tomatoes, croutons, buttermilk blue cheese


Sriracha Chicken Caesar- Romaine, parmesan, croutons, sriracha grilled chicken, creamy Caesar dressing

$9.50 available non-spicy

Teriyaki Chicken- Iceberg, purple cabbage, teriyaki chicken, grilled pineapple, red peppers, red onion, poppy seed dressing



Burgers (8oz.)

Choice of Tater Tots, Onion Rings, Fries, or Slaw


*The American- Sirloin, lettuce, onion, tomato on brioche

$7.50 – add cheese $.50

*The True American- Sirloin, cheddar, BBQ sauce, onion ring on brioche


*Maple-Bacon Beer Burger- Beer infused sirloin, maple candied bacon, cheddar on brioche


*Teriyaki Burger- Sirloin, ham, grilled pineapple, teriyaki sauce


*Bacon and Blue Burger- Sirloin, bacon, blue cheese, red wine caramelized onions


*Downing’s Irish Burger- Sirloin, Irish Cheddar, Irish Bacon, Downing’s Sauce


*Caprese Burger- Sirloin, tomato, mozzarella, balsamic mayo, pesto on brioche



Not Burgers

Choice of Tater Tots, Onion Rings, Fries, or Slaw
Chimmichurri Beef Tacos- (3) Ground beef, onion, avocado, chimichurri – served with chips & salsa

$9.00 Additional taco: $2.50

Crispy or Grilled Chicken Sandwich- Crispy fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, mayo on a French Bollo Roll

Grilled Cheese- Choice of: cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese, or American cheese, your choice of White Bread or French Bollo Roll
$6.00 Additional $1.50- bacon or ham

Far From Philly- Shaved steak, onions, “wit wiz”

Italian Beef- served with au jus and giardinara

$8.50 add cheese .50

Hot Dog- Add Chili- $.75 Add Cheese- $.50 Add Bacon- $.50

Fish and Chips- Corona battered cod, fries, and coleslaw


Guinness Beer Brat- Guinness infused brat, mustard cheese sauce, pretzel bun



12” or 16”

Cheese- 4 cheese blend
$8.00 $14.00
BBQ Chicken Pizza- Chicken, red onion, BBQ Sauce
$12.00  $18.00
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza- Ground sirloin, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard, cheddar and mozzarella
$13.00 $19.00
Buffalo Chicken Pizza- Buffalo chicken, buttermilk blue cheese, shaved celery, 4 cheeses

$12.00 $18.00

Build Your Own:

Start with cheese-

$8.00 $14.00
Additional $.75 Each: onion, red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion, jalapenos, black olives, pineapple
Additional $2.00 Each: sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ground sirloin

Join Us On Sunday and Try Some of Our Bloody Mary Specialties!